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Bamboo floors are getting very popular in Western Europe countries and in the USA. Due to its toughness and technical parameters it often replaces products of similar kind.

Because the bamboo tree is the fastest growing plant on Earth it serves ecological function. It means that the shoots of some bamboo tree kinds grow with a speed of 100 cm a day, what causes the intensive exploitation of bamboo forests and does not threaten its extinction. In place of a cut shoot a new one grows rapidly. Many years must go by to oak, beech, ash-tree or other sorts of trees, which are used for producing floors, could get a proper size to be used in industry.

Basic advantages of bamboo flooring are the following:

  • extraordinary hardness and toughness of wood
  • high resistance for abrasion, sunbeam and moisture-proof
  • easy to follow assembly
  • easy to keep clean
  • aesthetical aspect (unique wood design)
  • various application (different kinds of premises)
  • moderate price

The bamboo floor is characterized by unique layer outline. The production technology allows saving patterns characteristic for bamboo timbers, that is why it is difficult to mistake bamboo wood for other sorts of wood. The floor is very aesthetic, delicate in touch and easy to keep clean. Any uncleanness is easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner, a broom or a wet cloth.

We supply with natural colour bamboo floors and bamboo in several shades of a brown colour. The colour differentiation is obtained by the process of dimness. This technology allows the colour to be regular. Unconformable of colour and shade floor remains its characteristic outline that gives the beautiful appearance.

In consideration of bamboo flooring unique features it can be used for different kinds of premises, home rooms, shops, hotels, restaurants and offices.





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