About us

We would like to present the offer of our company. These are high quality granites that diverse in a way of colours and kind of finishing.

We offer articles like tiles, windowsills, countertops, treads of a stair step and others. We realize individual architectural projects for instance fireplaces, fountains, sculptures and also deliver slabs as a material of mason-work.

Our company, situated in Gdynia, is specializing in granite import. Because of increasing interest in our offer we opened an additional branch office in Warsaw.

Since 1998 we have been running a trade-office in Shanghai that helps us to find the most reliable trade partners in China who purvey material for us.

Unique textures of natural stones, high quality of finishing and moderate price are assets of our granites which were esteemed by many trade and stone-work companies. Our tiles are available in Komfort's stores.

We aim at individual customers and construction companies. We cooperate with warehouse companies, architects and designers and we are looking for new partners.





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