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Because of the natural features of granites they are widely used in a construction industry and are suitable for public services with a high vehicular and social intensity. The surfaces of granite elements can be polished, flamed, honed, hammered etc. Granites can be used both in the interior and outside of the building, and serves decorative and usable functions. Stairs, raisers, countertops, windowsills, floor tiles and other elements can be made of granite. This stone is the hardest one among natural stones that are used in building industry; it is abrasion and pressure resistant.

Technical parameters

Tiger Rust flamed Tiger Rust polished Imperial Cafe polished
Blushing Rose polished Breaking Waves polished Butterfly Blue polished
G-603 polished G-562 polished G-562 flamed
Glittery White polished Tiger Skin Yellow 068 polished Tiger Skin Yellow flamed
Mongolia Black polished G-664 polished G-682 polished
G-682 flamed G-682 Rose polished G-682 Yellow polished
G-684 polished Pearl White polished G-635 polished
Sesame Black polished Sesame Black flamed Yellow Flower polished
Classic Crimson polished G-623 polished G-633 polished
26 polished 27 polished 36 polished
43 polished 50 polished 55 polished
63 polished 66 polished 76 polished
81 polished 88 polished 89 polished
93 polished





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